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Nicolas Rousselet Fueled by Passion

Born in France to an automotive-engineer and a visual artist, Nicolas Rousselet (Nico) trained in Paris as an automotive designer. Creating art that captures the excitement, power and style of the automobile has become a lifelong endeavor, one that reflects Nico’s fascination and passions for engineering, as well as his academic background in transportation design. His artistic pursuits include classic cars, motorcycles and supercars; his imagery reflects the relationship between human and machine and the emotions those relationships evoke.

He employs more than just paint and canvas, Nico uses photography as a base and paint as an organic part of the image. Breaking the clean lines that define his subjects with paint, separates the image from the sharpness of the photographic likeness. His use of lines and colors, transcribes movement. Nico captures the excitement, power and style of the automotive subject through dramatic perspectives, colors, detail and composition. His art presents imagery that shifts between matter and sensation, creating works that offer a very unique visual dialogue.

Nicolas Rousselet has produced commissioned works for the Petersen Automotive Museum, Keanu Reeves’s Arch Motorcycle, The Detroit Grand Prix and the Le Garage in Tokyo M1 Concourse. His work is treasured in many private collections throughout the world and has been displayed in numerous galleries, including DC Gallery in Detroit and Mouche Gallery in California. Nico’s work is currently exhibited at the Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan.

Contact Nico at gallerymomentum@gmail.com or go to his website, gallerymomentum.com.