Full Garage & Paddock Access

Unlike the typical motorsport event, SpeedTour events provide spectators with full access to the paddock area and team garages. While it’s thrilling to sit in the grandstands and see the world’s most exciting race cars maneuver around challenging and historic race tracks, equally exciting is seeing the vehicles up close before and after they do what they do best… and be a part of the excitement!

Our goal is provide a safe and fun way for spectators to enjoy every aspect of the fascinating world of automobiles and racing. SpeedTour events are family-friendly and we welcome auto enthusiasts of all ages to discover the excitement from the racetrack grandstands or up close in the paddock area and garages.

Full Garage Access

When we say “full access” we mean it! Between race sessions, walk down to the garage areas and see the race vehicles up close. Talk to the teams and learn about the cars. Our events are attended by some of the most friendly automotive enthusiasts in the world who love to share their knowledge and passion about the cars and racing. Many drivers have Hero Cards, trading cards that contain vehicle and driver information, to give away to spectators and fans of all ages.

See the powerful motorsport vehicles up close and learn what it takes to make them run… fast! See the tools and equipment and watch the crew work to prepare for the next race, or scramble to resolve an unforeseen mechanical issue. The view inside the team garages is never short of amazing!

Spectators have full access to tour team garages and get a behind-the-scenes look at the racer life.

Get up close and see what goes into prepping these high-performance machines for race day.

Explore the paddock area

Full access of the paddock area allows you to check out staging area before the cars enter the track. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the event, each driver lines up his or her vehicle and mentally prepares for the drive ahead. And when it is time to enter the track, the air fills with the thunder of thousands of horsepower coming to life! The excitement can physically be felt as the cars speed onto the track.

Walk around the paddock and watch the race cars line up before entering the track.

Take a seat in the grandstands

Spectators and fans are welcome to explore the grounds at each of the historically diverse racetrack venues. During racing sessions, take a seat in the grandstands and watch the cars race by as skilled drivers maneuver around turns and through the straightaways. Seating is not assigned so choose any open section. Want a different view? Feel free to move about and try another area, or stroll to the infield and get another unique perspective of the driving action.

Watch the cars race by from the comfort of your favorite seat in the grandstands.

Garage and Paddock Area Safety

Being around the paddock and garage areas requires paying attention to your surroundings. Below is a partial list of important safety rules to know so your experience at the SpeedTour event remains safe and fun.

Pay attention to your surroundings
The paddock area and garages contain heavy machinery and moving vehicles of all sizes- especially before, during, and after driving sessions. Use extreme caution near moving vehicles and heavy equipment.

Wear appropriate clothing or protective gear when necessary
If planning to visit the garages and paddock areas, select clothing that is suitable and safe for being in those active areas. 

  • Wear close-toe shoes.
  • Wear ear protection around running vehicles. Ear protection may be available for purchase from vendors or the track souvenir store. Children must have ear protection around running vehicles.
  • Secure long hair or loose jewelry and clothing accessories.

Children / Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times
SpeedTour events are family-friendly and children are welcome to be part of the fun. All children/minors require adult supervision at all times. The paddock area and garages are surrounded by moving vehicles of all sizes and heavy machinery so it is imperative to keep a watchful eye on all children/minors in your party.

Be respectful of others’ property
Please do not touch the property of others while visiting the team garages. Many of the friendly crew members will be happy to allow close-up looks of the race vehicles, and sometimes even allow photo oppurtunities inside the racecars, but please do not touch any items without permission.

Follow venue and policies
Some venues may have additional policies for spectator safety. Additional details can be found on the website of the venue or at the information area of the venue/track.