Media Credentials

Parella Motorsports Holdings (PMH) welcomes members of the media to cover our events. Media credentials will only be issued to individuals working on assignment from a recognized media organization or by special arrangement.

Individuals requesting a media credential must be currently working on assignment and fully complete the online application form. Media credentials will be issued to journalists working on legitimate news outlets, including; newspapers, news services, television, radio networks, racing publications and other outlets that regularly cover motorsports. Team Credentials can be issued by the sanctioning body.

Freelance journalists, photojournalists, and videographers may only receive a credential if on a specific assignment approved by the sanctioning body or from a recognized and accredited media organization. 

All applications will be carefully reviewed  and efforts will be made to honor all requests, but we reserve the right to change or deny any media requests. Misuse of credentials may result in revocation.  All credential holders must sign the event waiver and agree to the terms and conditions. Credential requesters be at least 18 years of age.

Requests must be submitted via the online request application forms by the editor, sports editor, sports director, or sports producer. Credentials will be issued to the authorized personnel only for the purpose of providing timely coverage of the event.

By submitting a Credential request, you are agreeing to the terms below, Policies of PMH and participating venues and companies.

Credential requests submitted less than 14 days prior to an event will be denied.

Media Access
Working media credentials provide access to the media center or media area, the podium and garage/paddock areas.

Photographers with credentials issued by the track and/or sanctioning body, will have access to restricted areas around the track. This access is determined on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed for every request.

Failure to adhere to working policies and regulations detailed in this list and in safety briefings may result in loss of credentials and or revocation of rights. 

Photo Guidelines
Photographers must read and sign the event waiver. Motorsports photography is a dangerous activity.

Photo vests – Detailed for each event

Media credentials and photo badges are non-transferable.

There is a no solicitation policy regarding approaching drivers or teams to sell images.

Photographers will not interfere with the actions of course workers or safety personnel. Before moving from one location to another, gain permission from the course workers, do not distract them from their duties.

Photographer taking pictures from spectator areas has an obligation not to obstruct the view of fans.

Photographers must maintain complete awareness of all activity near them while trackside and at no time put themselves or others at risk. While there are cars on the course photographers must maintain the ability to rapidly evade or evacuate from dangerous situations.

Photographers should never walk across the track.

Photographers are should wear long pants, must have shoulders covered (no tank tops, muscle shirts) and must wear closed toe shoes. Shorts and skirts will not be allowed in the hot pit/black flag areas.

There is a NO DRONE policy for aerial video at all venues.

Failure to return an issued photo vest at the end of the event will result in revocation of photo rights and privileges.

Credential Pick Up
Media credentials will be picked up at Registration. Media members cannot retrieve another individual’s credential. Picking up your credentials constitutes your acceptance and agreement to all the information and guidelines.

PMH, SVRA, The Trans Am Company, International GT, FR U.S. and FR 4. reserves the right to revoke the credential of any individual at any time for any reason.

Submitting an application for credentials does not guarantee approval.  Confirmations will be emailed prior to the event.  If you have any questions, please contact Pam Shatraw at or call 650-799-0826.