Event Program: 2023 Trans Am SpeedTour (Road America – July)

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Letter From The CEO

A welcome letter from Tony Parella to all event participants, spectators and sponsors

Event Schedule

A full run-down of when all of the weekend’s events are taking place, including: practice / qualifying / race session times, car show times and much more!

Entries: Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli

Trans Am - America's Road Racing Series

More Info: gotransam.com

Entries: Formula Race Promotions (FRP)

Open Wheel Series -F1600, F2000, Atlantic and NAF1000 

Entries: Prototype Sprint Series Association (PSSA)

PSSA - A new prototype race series that hosts a variety of Radical, Ligier, Revolution and Wolf prototype race cars. 

Entries: International GT

International GT - North American racing series that includes The Stuttgart Cup, Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy and The Maranello Cup championships for late model Porsche Cup, Cayman and Ferrari competitors

More Info: internationalgt.net

Hagerty Cars & Caffeine Car Show

Car Show -Enjoy classic, vintage, exotic, and collectible cars of interest

Race Preview: Trans Am presented by Pirelli

Trans Am returns to Road America, it is going to be an exciting weekend.

Article: Destination – Wisconsin

With its rich history and picturesque location in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, Road America has been a favorite destination for racing enthusiasts for over 65 years.

Letter From the CEO 

Welcome to the Trans Am SpeedTour at Road America. The paddocks are rich with motorsports icons. Porsche, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Swift, Chevrolet Camaro, Van Diemen, Ferrari — these are just a few of the race car badges you’ll see on the track. 

 We invite you, your friends and family to enjoy the various series that make up the SpeedTour weekend, the Trans Am presented by Pirelli, International GT, Prototype Sprint Series Association and Formula Race Promotions.  The Hagerty Cars and Caffeine Car Show displays everything from immaculate vintage Corvettes, to pristine modern Exotics, to deliberately-funky Resto-Mods.  

The Trans Am SpeedTour offers something for everyone! Whether you’re an admirer of Formula Atlantics, a Porsche fan or enjoy the sound of a 850hp Trans Am car as it accelerates into Turn 1, your visit is sure to be memorable. 

If you’re at the track or tuned in on SpeedTour TV, I’m thrilled to present this world-class event and to welcome drivers, fans and enthusiasts of all ages to the Trans Am SpeedTour at America’s National Park of Speed— Road America. 

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Let’s go racing!

Best Regards,

Tony Parella
CEO, Parella Motorsports Holdings

Entries: Trans Am Series Presented by Pirelli

Num. / ColorClassDriverSponsor / Car
6 White/Blue/Orange SGT Carey Grant Grant Racing 2 Porsche GT3 Cup
8 Blue TA Tomy Drissi Lucas Oil Ford Mustang
16 White/Yellow TA Chris Dyson Gym Weed Ford Mustang
18 White/Red/Gray SGT Ricky Sanders Bridgehaul/Bennett/Pitboxes.com Porsche 991.1
20 White/Red TA Matthew Brabham Gym Weed Ford Mustang
23 Red/Black TA Amy Ruman McNichols Co Chevrolet Corvette
30 Gray TA Richard Grant Grant Racing Chevrolet Corvette
31 Red/White XGT Randy Hale Hale Motorsports/Marsh Racing Chevrolet Corvette
36 Black/Blue/Yellow SGT Josh Carlson
42 XGT Danny Lowry Bridgehaul/BennettFamilyOfComp Mercedes AMG GT3
55 Orange/Silver/White SGT Milton Grant SpringhillSuites/SentrySelfStorage Porsche 991.1 GT3 Cup
57 White/Red/Blue TA David Pintaric Kryderacing Ford Mustang
79 Silver TA AJ Henriksen ECC/AnchorBolt&Screw Dodge Challenger
84 Black SGT Lee Saunders Landsearch LLC Dodge Viper
91 Gray/Red XGT Michael Attaway Bennett/Bridgehaul/Pitboxes.com Audi R8
97 Gray/Black/Red GT Chris Coffey NorwoodAutoItalia/TrafficGrafix Maserati MC GT4
99 Black TA Justin Marks Trackhouse Chevrolet Camaro
Num. / ColorClassDriverSponsor / Car
3 Black/Red/White TA2 Adrian Wlostowski HawkPerformance/AMTMotorsports Ford Musta
6 Black/Blue TA2 Evan Slater Franklin Road Apparel Chevrolet Camaro
7 Black TA2 Connor Zilisch Silver Hare Racing Chevrolet Camaro
8 White/Red/Black TA2 Carson Kvapil SLR-M1 Race Cars Chevrolet Camaro
9 Blue TA2 Keith Prociuk HP Tuners/Mike Cope Race Cars Ford Mustang
11 Red/White TA2 John Weisberg Iron Smoke/Red Line Oil/BERG Chevrolet Camaro
12 White/Red/Blue TA2 Mariano Werner Memo Corse / Mike Cope Racing Ford Mustang
16 Red/White TA2 Jim Gallaugher Waypoint/Mike Cope Race Cars Ford Mustang
17 White TA2 Dillon Machavern SLR-M1 Race Cars Chevrolet Camaro
18 Blue/Green/Black TA2 Caleb Bacon Cortex Racing/Bacon Development Ford Mustang
22 Yellow/Black TA2 Ty Young Ty J Young Wealth Management Ford Mustang
26 Blue/Black TA2 Thomas Merrill Bennett/HPTuners/MikeCopeRaceCars Ford Mustang
28 White TA2 Connor Mosack SLR-M1 Race Cars Ford Mustang
29 White TA2 Nathan Herne Cube 3 / Berryman Ford Mustang
30 Black/Red TA2 Michele Abbate Ghost Energy/Lucas Oil Chevrolet Camaro
32 Blue TA2 Barry Boes BCR / AccioData Chevrolet Camaro
33 Red/White/Black TA2 William Moore Hawk / Swift Filters Chevrolet Camaro
36 Black TA2 Danny Bender Bravo Trailers Chevrolet Camaro
42 Blue TA2 Parker DeLong Bridgehaul/Mike Cope Race Cars Ford Mustang
43 White TA2 Thad Moffitt Safety Kleen Chevrolet Camaro
48 Black/Red TA2 Jade Buford Big Machine Vodka SPIKED Coolers Ford Mustang
49 Red/White/Blue TA2 Patrick Utt RaceQuip / Driven Racing Oil Chevrolet Camaro
50 Yellow TA2 Bruce Nesbitt Brakeometer/OrionMotorsports Ford Mustang
51 White/Black/Gray TA2 Darin Mock Nitro Motorsports Ford Mustang
58 White TA2 David Dickerson Meco of Augusta Ford Mustang
60 TA2 Boris Said Jr Nitro Motorsports Ford Mustang
61 White/Blue TA2 Roberto Sabato 6th Gear Ford Mustang
64 Yellow TA2 Matthew Gray Ryan Companies Ford Mustang
70 White TA2 Brent Crews Nitro Motorsports Ford Mustang
71 Blue TA2 Eric Cayton Ray Skillman Auto Group Chevrolet Camaro
75 Black TA2 Ben Maier Silver Hare Racing/Gel Blaster Chevrolet Cama
77 White TA2 Josh Sarchet Liqui Moly/Cube 3 Ford Mustang
83 Yellow TA2 Rafa Matos 3Dimensional Services Group Ford Mustang
87 Yellow TA2 Doug Peterson 3-Dimensional Services Group Ford Mustang
89 Yellow TA2 Austin Green 3-Dimensional Services Group Ford Mustang
90 White TA2 Thomas Annunziata Nitro Motorsports Ford Mustang
95 White TA2 Luke Rumburg Rumcastle Racing Ford Mustang
97 Yellow TA2 Tom Sheehan LTK Insulation Ford Mustan
98 White/Red/Black TA2 Doug Winston Bring Back The Trades/D&M Elec Ford Mustang

Entries: Formula Race Promotions (FRP)

Entries: PSSA

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
17 Blue 2023 SEBECO NP01 Mark Calzaretta PSSA
32 Black/Red/Blue 2022 Revolution 500SC Palmer Miller PSSA
55 Black 2022 Revolution 500 Marc Russell PSSA
63 White 2020 Radical SR10 Jim Booth PSSA
65 Black 2022 Revolution A-1 500SC Nathan Duckles PSSA
86 Green 2016 Ligier LMP3 Paul LaHaye PSSA
94 White 2023 SEBECO NP01 Brian Peele PSSA
95 Black/White/Blue 2022 Revolution A-1 500SC ZAC MOSELEY PSSA
500 Red/White/Blue 2022 Revolution 500SC Judd Miller PSSA

Entries: International GT

Num. / ColorCarDriver
03 black 2019 Porsche 991.2 Marcel Fayen
7 green/orange/black 2015 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo Jeronimo Guzman
008 white/black 2017 Porsche GT3-R Reg Williams
09 orange/black/blue 2020 BMW M2 CS R Maddie Aust
11 white/black/orange 2020 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport Maria Mejia
15 black/green 2009 Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO Colin Cohen
17 gray 2005 Porsche GT3 Cup Tom Mcglynn
17 black 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 R Juan Fayen
18 blue/black/silver 2020 Porsche GT4 Clubsport Kevin Maxim
20 black/green/white 2016 Porsche 991 David Herrington
21 white/gray/orange 2020 BMW M2 CS Racing Adam Gleason
22 white/red/silver 2016 Porsche GT3 Cup Brian Hicks
25 white/blue/gold 2015 Porsche GT3 Cup Todd Sloan
27 orange/white/black 2016 Porsche GT3 Robert Wisen
33 blue/white/yellow 2015 Porsche GT3 Cup John Bleazard
45 yellow 2019 Porsche 911 Cup Car Scott Blind
47 green/black 2018 Porsche GT3 Cup Albert Lukazik
56 blue/orange 2018 Porsche GT3 Cup Nicholas Groombridge
57 white 2018 PORSCHE GT3 CUP Alejandro Pimentel
68 orange/blue 2017 Porsche 991.2 David Tuaty
72 red 2017 Porsche GT4.1 Stephen Hamman
77 red/white 2019 Porsche GT3 Cup Michael Williams
77X white/blue/orange 2022 Porsche GT3 Cup Mark Mathys
79 green 2022 porsche gt3 cup Craig Conway
81 white/red 2019 Porsche GT3R Juan Gonzalez
81X blue/white 2019 Porsche GT3R Cup Juan Gonzalez
84 white/blue 2016 Porsche 991.1 Tom Mcglynn
84 blue/gray 2022 Porsche 911 Cup Mark Hupfer
88 black/red 2015 Porsche 991.1 GT3 Cup 3.8L Nathan Byrd
89 silver/black/red 2022 Porsche 992 GT3 Cup Geoff Isringhausen
158 white/black 2009 Porsche Cayman Nelson Heumann
176 blue/red 2018 Porsche 991.2 James Hamman
188 white/black/blue 2015 PORSCHE 991.1 Tomas Ballester
191 white/black/green 2014 Porsche GT3 Cup 991.1 Javier Ripoll
313 white/black/yellow 2014 Porsche 991.1 CUP MR Tadas Karlinskas
497 white/blue 2011 Porsche Cayman S Michael Schmitz
498 blue/green 1999 Porsche Carrera Collin Schmitz
981 white/black/red 2019 Porsche 991.2 David Willens

Car Show Entries

Car ShowVehicleEntrant
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1932 HUDSON ESSEX Brian A.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1947 MG TC Bob H.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1962 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000 MKII John S.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1962 OLDSMOBILE DYNAMIC 88 Greg H.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1963 CHEVROLET NOVA SS Brian S.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1966 FORD MUSTANG Michael P.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1966 FORD MUSTANG David L.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1966 GMC PD-4107 Steve R.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1968 DODGE CHARGER R/T Eric R.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1969 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 Dean H.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1970 CHEVROLET CAMARO Thomas N.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1970 DODGE CORONET/SUPERBEE Dave L.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1971 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS John R.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1976 CHEVROLET CAMARO Chad R.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1977 PONTIAC TRANS AM Bruce Z.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1985 CITROEN 2CV Xavier M.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1988 BERTONE X1/9 Tim N.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1989 DODGE SHELBY DAKOTA David S.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1990 MAZDA MX-5 Ruben R.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1991 CHEVROLET CAMARO Randy E.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1991 MAZDA MIATA Maxwell A.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1995 OLDSMOBILE AURORA Darren L.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 1999 LOTUS ESPRIT Jorgen A.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 2000 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Joseph L.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 2003 DUCATI 999 Nathan D.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 2012 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Paul L.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 2015 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Michael L.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 2017 FORD SHELBY GT350 Terry W.
Hagerty | Cars & Caffeine 2020 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Edward F.