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Letter From The CEO

A welcome letter from Tony Parella to all event participants, spectators and sponsors

Event Schedule

A full run-down of when all of the weekend’s events are taking place, including: practice / qualifying / race session times, car show times and much more!

Entries: Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli

Trans Am - America's Road Racing Series

More Info: gotransam.com

Entries: FR Americas & F4 U.S.

FR Americas - Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda

F4 U.S. - United States Championship Powered by Honda

Entries: Groups 1, 3, 4, 5b

Group 1 – Recognized small displacement production sports cars, sedans

Group 3 – Series-produced sports cars and sedans in production prior to 1972

Group 4 - Limited produced sports cars, racing "specials" and GT cars built or in production prior to 1960

Group 5b - Lotus 23 and early sports racers 

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: Groups 2, Formula Development

Group 2 - Formula Ford (FF), Formula Junior (FJR), Club Ford, (CF) and Post Club Ford (PCF) as specified by the SVRA Formula Ford rule book

Formula Development – words here

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: Groups 5a, 7, 9, 11, PSSA

Group 5a - Sports 2000

Group 7 - World Championship of Makes, on slicks; Under 2L sports cars as raced after 1972; Can-Am as raced after 1967; center-seat Can Am, SCCA ASR and BSR

Group 9 - All open wheel cars on slicks from 1970 to 2014 from the early F-2 cars to modern F-1 cars and everything in between

Group 11 - GTP/Group C, ALMS, PSCR, WSC, Grand Am, Prototypes, SCCA P1 and P2 as raced from 1981

PSSA - A new prototype race series that hosts a variety of Radical, Ligier, Revolution and Wolf prototype race cars. 

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: Groups 6, 8, 12b

Group 6 – Select big bore production sports cars and sedans through 1972

Group 8 - Recognized series-produced sports cars and sedans in production prior to 1979, and later cars by invitation

Group 12b - Post 1972 prepared cars, mostly 3.0L and under

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: Group 10

Group 10 - Select GT sports cars, Trans-Am; select cars raced between 1973 and 1999, Trans Am and production based contemporary cars as raced from 1999 to 5 years from today’s date or other cars as assigned

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: International GT

International GT - North American racing series that includes The Stuttgart Cup, Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy and The Maranello Cup championships for late model Porsche Cup, Cayman and Ferrari competitors

More Info: internationalgt.net

Race Preview: Trans Am presented by Pirelli

The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli heads to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the first official race of the summer.

Race Preview: FR Americas & F4 U.S.

Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda and Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda head to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for Rounds 7, 8 and 9.

Article: Destination: Mid-Ohio

Whether this race weekend or another, consider adding a couple days to your trip to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and enjoy a backroads tour of Ohio and Indiana.

Letter From the CEO  

Welcome to the PERMCO Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio, a SpeedTour event!  Cars spanning over 75 years of racing and technology will be on the track and on display this weekend. The paddocks are rich with racing icons that include Lotus, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Mustang, Porsche, Brabham among many more.

The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli, SVRA, International GT, FR Americas Championship Powered by Honda and the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda have come to challenge Mid-Ohio’s, 13-turn, 2.5-mile road course. This SpeedTour event will be live streamed, too! 

There are plenty of trackside activities to share with friends and family. Take some time to check out Vendor Row, wander through the garages or have lunch on the hill by the esses. The weekend’s Car Shows are huge, with displays of everything from immaculate Corvettes, to pristine modern Exotics and deliberately-funky Rat Rods.

This event offers something for everyone! Whether you’re an admirer of Prototype race cars, a vintage Corvette fan or enjoy the sound of 850 hp Trans Am cars as they accelerate into Turn 1, your visit to Mid-Ohio is sure to be memorable.

I’m thrilled to present this world-class event and to welcome drivers, fans and enthusiasts of all ages to the Mid-Ohio SpeedTour.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Let’s go racing!

Best Regards,

Tony Parella
CEO, Parella Motorsports Holdings

Groups: FR Americas & F4 U.S.

Car #GroupDriverEngineSponsors
1 FR Oliver Westling Honda JENSEN
1 F4 Everett Stack Honda JENSEN
2 F4 Landan Matriano Lim Honda JENSEN
3 F4 Dane Scott Honda Jay Howard Driver Development, CSU One Cure, Lucas Oil, LHP
5 F4 Tanner DeFabis Honda Jay Howard Driver Development, CSU One Cure, Lucas Oil, LHP
5 F4 Alex Benavitz Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
6 F4 Frankie Mossman Honda Jay Howard Driver Development, CSU One Cure, Lucas Oil, LHP
6 F4 Augusto Soto-Schirripa Honda Abitab / Supermatch
8 FR Austin Hill Honda SoOhio Equip/Alum Trailers/Ferris Mowers/Big Tex Trailers/PJ Trailers/ CM Truck
10 F4 Daniel Cará Honda Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi
11 FR Cole Kleck Honda
12 F4 Garrett Dettman Honda Momentum Motorsports
14 FR Manuel Roza Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
16 F4 Jesse Lacey Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
17 F4 Tyke Durst Honda Gonella Racing
19 F4 Eric Wisniewski Honda Jay Howard Driver Development, CSU One Cure, Lucas Oil, LHP
19 F4 Michael Costello Honda Jay Howard Driver Development, CSU One Cure, Lucas Oil, LHP
19 FR Cooper Becklin Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
20 F4 Logan Adams Honda Jay Howard Driver Development, CSU One Cure, Lucas Oil, LHP
21 F4 Ava Dobson Honda Jay Howard Driver Development, CSU One Cure, Lucas Oil, Pelican
22 FR Hayden Bowlsbey Honda Save22
25 F4 Luciano Martinez Honda Scuderia Buell
25 FR Max Hewitt Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
27 F4 Patrick Woods-Toth Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
29 F4 Kekai Hauanio Honda N.E. Where Transport
30 F4 Lewis Hodgson Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
31 F4 Titus Sherlock Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
31 FR Callum Hedge Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
44 F4 Cristian Cantu Honda Scuderia Buell
45 F4 Bacon Zelenka Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
49 F4 Alex Berg Honda Berg DMG Racin
66 FR Ryan Shehan Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
74 F4 Hannah Greenemeier Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
74 F4 Hannah Greenemeier Honda Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport
77 FR James Lawley Honda
83 F4 Christopher Parrish Honda Save22
95 F4 Jett Bowling Honda

Groups: 1, 3, 4, 5b

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
1 Red 1962 Lotus 23B Travis Engen 5b
1B Black 1976 Bobsy SR 7 Robert Baxter 5b
7 Silver 1962 Lotus Super Seven-3 John Nash 3
12 Orange/Silver/Yellow 1966 Austin Cooper S Chris Kearney 1
13 Red/White 1967 Datsun SRL 311 Thomas Phelan 3
18 White/Maroon 1969 Zink C4 Jesse Jurgenson 1
25 Blue/Silver 1967 Austin Cooper S Andrew Nelson 1
25B Gray/Blue 2021 SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer Ford David Baughman 5b
32 Red 1969 Zinc C4 Heather Barron 1
39 Silver 1992 Mazda Miata Dale Oesterle 3
43 Red 1967 Zinc C4 Patrick Summerville 1
52 Blue 1960 Austin Healey Sprite Danny Dougherty 1
53 Yellow 1966 Sunbeam Alpine Brad Babb 1
55 Yellow/White 1961 Porsche 356B Perry Tennell 3
57 Black 1970 TVR Vixen Michael Zappa 3
60 Black/White 1963 Formcar Petunia Elliott O. Barron 1
76 Blue 1971 MG Midget Steve Yarborough 1
77 Blue/White 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata Alan Schommer 3
99 White 1957 Ford Thunderbird R Daniel Furey 4
144 Burgundy/Black 1964 Morgan 4/4 Mark Pladson 3
231 White 1991 Mazda Miata Mark Gobble 3

Groups: 2, Formula Development

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
1 Blue/Orange 1970 Chevron B17b Travis Engen 2
8 Green 1989 Swift DB-3 Bob Hatle 2
23 Silver 1972 Pegasus ,, Hunter Barron 2
28 Blue 1976 Lola T342 Bruce Domeck 2
62 Red 1989 Swift DB-1 Duke Waldrop 2
76 Red 1977 Crossle 32F Steve Yarborough 2
93 Black 1979 PRS RH01 Glenn Taylor 2
291 Pink/Blue 1978 Crossle Formula Ford Kim Madrid 2

Groups: 5a, 7, 9, 11, PSSA

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
2 Purple/White/Red 1995 Spice WSC Bret Moyer 11
3 Green/Gold 2006 Radical PR6 Jack Baruth 11
21 White/Orange/Gray 2009 Norma M20F Steven Lisa 11
21A Blue/Orange 2001 Lola T97/20 Travis Engen 9
24 Red 1974 Lola T332 Paul Zazryn 9
31 Black 2021 LIGIER F3 JUSTIN GARAT 9
31 Black 2022 Ligier F3 Nicolas Ambiado 9
33 Yellow 1971 Chevron B19 David Jacobs 7
47 Orange/Blue/Green 2006 Doran JE-1 Glenn Jividen Jr. 5a
48 Black 2020 Ligier F4.16 Hudson Schwartz 9
88 Black/Red 2017 AF 01 Nathan Byrd 9
88A Black 2023 Radical SR3 XXR Danny Dyszelski PSSA

Groups: 6, 8, 12b

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
3 Orange 1976 Porsche 914/6 Jim Lenehan 8
007 Black/Red 1971 Jaguar XKEV12 Keith Dunbar 6
11 White/Black 1992 BMW 325is Wayne Blasman 12b
11A Red/Yellow 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Tom Ragonetti 8
11B Red 1972 Datsun 240Z Peter Ragonetti 8
11C White 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Joe Robau 6
13 Silver 1970 Datsun 240Z Andrew Doll 8
23 Blue 1970 Ford Boss 302 John Cloud 6
28B Blue/Black 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Chris Fennell 6
33 Red 1966 Ford Mustang Cory Barack 6
36 Blue 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Scott Shadel 6
44 Black/Gold 1971 Datsun 240Z Christopher Zappa 8
44A Red 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV Raymond Nichols 8
58 Yellow/Black 1989 Ford Mustang Brian Thomas Himes 12b
62 Blue 1962 Jaguar Etype Lee Poseidon 6
64 Black 1964 Chevrolet Corvette James Heck 6
74 Red 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV Donald Wannagat 8
79 Blue/Orange 2016 Ford Fiesta David Rosenblum 12b
80 Black 1972 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Michael Noble 8
81 Yellow/Black 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV Robert Mocas 8
84 Red/White 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Jim Sandberg 6
98 White/Blue 1965 Shelby GT350 Gary Moore 6
111 Black 1959 Devin Evolution Jonathan DeGaynor 6
118 Blue/Yellow 1967 Lotus Elan Thomas Spencer 8
199 White/Gold 1966 Ford Mustang Kyle August 6
696 Blue 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Robert Gee 6

Group: 10

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
2 Black 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix John Cloud 10
03 Red 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Randy Walker 10
4 Blue 1992 Ford Mustang Jonathan DeGaynor 10
5 Silver/Yellow/Red 2011 Cadillac CTS-VR Bill Heifner 10
06 Black 2020 Chevrolet Camaro Adam Andretti 10
8 Black 2015 Nascar Toyota Camry Brian Pritchard 10
10 Red 2019 Porsche GT3 Cup Frank Vitiello 10
14 Black/Red 2015 Howe Camaro Mark Mercurio 10
15 Red 2009 Ferrari 458 Challenge Colin Cohen 10
16 Silver/Blue 2022 Ford Mustang Alan Davison 10
25 White/Blue/Gold 2015 Porsche GT3 Todd Sloan 10
26 White/Purple/Yellow 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion Scott Dolfi 10
38 Red 1997 Chevrolet Corvette T/A John Wolff 10
42 Red/Black 2017 Mercedes AMG Danny Lowry 10
45 2020 Porsche 911 Kevin Maxim 10
45 Yellow 2019 Porsche GT3 Scott Blind 10
56 Black/White/Yellow 2014 Porsche 991.1 Nicholas Groombridge 10
57 Yellow 1992 Nissan 240SX Reed Kryder 10
59 2013 Porsche GT3 Cup Scott Vanacore 10
88 Blue/Yellow 1993 Chevrolet Camaro IMSA Bill Heifner 10
92 Red/Black 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo John Cloud 10
981 White/Red/Black 2019 Porsche 991.2 David Willens 10

Entries: International GT


Entry List: Trans Am

Num. / ColorClassDriverSponsor / Car
2 Yellow/Blue TA Boris Said Weaver/Householder/Technique Dodge Challenger
3 Yellow TA Tomy Drissi Menards/Master Force Tools
4 Blue TA Wally Dallenbach Ultimate Headers
6 White/Blue/Orange SGT Carey Grant Grant Racing 2 Porsche GT3 Cup
12 Orange XGT Will Rodgers Chris Evans Race Cars & Design Chevrolet Camaro
12 White/Black GT Jack Rinke Chevrolet Performance Chevrolet Camaro
16 White/Yellow TA Chris Dyson Gymweed
18 White/Red/Gray SGT Ricky Sanders Bridgehaul/Bennett/Pitboxes.com Porsche 991.1
20 White TA Matthew Brabham Gymweed
22 White/Red/Blue TA Kerry Hitt AdvancedCompositeProd/ACPHeaders
23 Red/Black TA Amy Ruman McNichols Co/Valley Automotive Group Chevrolet Corvette
39 Black GT Todd Napieralski Chevrolet Camaro
41 Black GT Billy Griffin GriffinAutoCare/SheehansTowing
43 Black/Red/White XGT Danny Lowry Bridgehaul/BennettFamilyOfComp Mercedes AMG GT3
44 Black SGT Lee Saunders Landsearch LLC Dodge Viper
55 Orange/Silver/White SGT Milton Grant SpringhillSuites/SentrySelfStorage Porsche 991.1 GT3 Cup
57 White/Red/Blue TA David Pintaric Kryderacing Ford Mustang
91 Gray/Red XGT Michael Attaway Bennett/Bridgehaul/Pitboxes.com Audi R8
92 Black XGT Chris Evans Central Welding Supply
97 Black/White/Red GT Chris Coffey NorwoodAutoItalia/TrafficGrafix Maserati MC GT4
99 Black TA Justin Marks Trackhouse Chevrolet Camaro
Num. / ColorClassDriverSponsor / Car
2 Blue/Yellow TA2 Jeffrey Birdwell Hartman Davidson Ford Mustang
7 Black TA2 Connor Zilisch Silver Hare Racing
8 White TA2 Chris Munro Team SLR-M1 Racecars
9 Blue TA2 Keith Prociuk HP Tuners/Cope Race Cars
15 Black/White TA2 Adrian Wlostowski Owasso Speedway/Howe Racing
16 Red/White TA2 Jim Gallaugher Waypointe/Mike Cope Race Cars Ford Mustang
22 Yellow/Black TA2 Ty Young Ty J Young Wealth Management
25 White TA2 Chris Durbin Amsoil
26 Blue/Black TA2 Thomas Merrill HP Tuners/Cope Race Cars
28 White TA2 Dillon Machavern Team SLR-M1 Racecars
29 White TA2 Nathan Herne Cube 3 / Berryman Ford Mustang
30 Black/Red TA2 Michele Abbate Ghost Energy/Lucas Oil Chevrolet Camaro
32 Blue TA2 Barry Boes BCR / AccioData Chevrolet Camaro
33 Red/White/Black TA2 William Moore Hawk / Swift Filters Chevrolet Camaro
40 TA2 Boris Said Jr Nitro Motorsports
41 Blue/White TA2 Adam Andretti Ultimate Headers
42 Blue/Gray TA2 Parker DeLong Bennett / Bridgehaul
43 White TA2 Thad Moffitt Safety Kleen/SLR-M1 Race Cars Chevrolet Camaro
48 Black/Red TA2 Jade Buford Big Machine Vodka SPIKED Coolers Ford Mustang
51 White/Black/Gray TA2 Darin Mock Nitro Motorsports
70 White TA2 Brent Crews FranklinRoad/Mobil1/Gearwrench Ford Mustang
71 Blue TA2 Eric Cayton Ray Skillman Auto Group
75 Black TA2 Ben Maier Silver Hare Racing
77 White TA2 Josh Sarchet Liqui Moly/Cube 3 Ford Mustang
81 Blue/Green/Black TA2 Caleb Bacon CB Motorsports
87 Yellow TA2 Doug Peterson 3-Dimensional Services Group
88 Yellow TA2 Rafa Matos 3-Dimensional Services Group Ford Mustang
89 Yellow TA2 Austin Green 3-Dimensional Services Group
90 White TA2 Will Rodgers Nitro Motorsports
95 White TA2 Luke Rumburg Manchester Hydraulics
97 Yellow TA2 Tom Sheehan LTK Insulation Ford Mustan
99 Red TA2 Cale Phillips Mincey's Graphics/SNP Inc.