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Letter From The CEO

A welcome letter from Tony Parella to all event participants, spectators and sponsors

Event Schedule

A full run-down of when all of the weekend’s events are taking place, including: practice / qualifying / race session times, car show times and much more!

Entries: Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, Miata

Group 1 – Recognized small displacement production sports cars, sedans, Formula Junior and Formula Vee 

Group 2 – Formula Ford (FF), Club Ford (CF), Formula Vee (FV), Formula B (FB) Formula Jr. (FJ1 & FJ2)  and Post Club Ford (PCF) as specified by the SVRA Formula Ford Rule Book

Group 3 - Series-produced sports cars and sedans in production pre-1972

Group 4 - Limited produced sports cars, racing "specials" and GT cars built or in production prior to 1960

Mazda – Series For NA-model and NB Spec Miatas

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: Groups 5, 7, 9, 11, 12a

Group 5a – Sports 2000

Group 7 – World Championship of Makes, on slicks; Under 2L sports cars as raced after 1972; Can-Am as raced after 1967; center-seat Can Am, SCCA ASR and BSR

Group 9 – All open wheel cars on slicks from 1970 to 2014 from the early F-2 cars to modern F-1 cars and everything in between

Group 11 – GTP/Group C, ALMS, PSCR, WSC, Grand Am, Prototypes, SCCA P1 and P2 as raced from 1981

Group 12a – Post 1972 prepared cars, a combination of large and small bore cars

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: Groups 6, 8, 12b

Group 6Selected big bore production sports cars and sedans through 1972

Group 8 – Recognized series-produced sports cars and sedans in production prior to 1979, and later cars by invitation

Group 12b – Post 1972 prepared cars, mostly 3.0L and under

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: Group 10

Group 10 GT

Other cars may be accepted by invitation.

Entries: International GT

International GT - North American racing series that includes The Stuttgart Cup, Mission Foods GT3 Cup Trophy and The Maranello Cup championships for late model Porsche Cup, Cayman and Ferrari competitors

More Info: internationalgt.net

Entries: Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli

Trans Am - America's Road Racing Series

More Info: gotransam.com

Entries: FR Americas & Formula 4 United States Championship powered by Honda

Article: Atlanta, One of America’s Most Dynamic Cities

On your way to or from the Atlanta SpeedTour, take an extra day or two to explore Atlanta

Article: Nicolas Rousselet Fueled by Passion

Trained in Paris as an automotive designer, Nicolas Rousselet’s lifelong endeavor is creating art that captures the excitement, power and style of the automobile

Article: History of Trans Am at Road Atlanta 

Trans Am competes at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta for the 28th time, continuing a legacy that spans five decades.

Article: A Modern Approach to Motorsports

Young aspiring race car drivers from around the world gain experience in open-wheel racing

Letter From the CEO 

Welcome to Atlanta SpeedTour! We’re so happy to be back racing at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

Cars spanning 75 years of racing and technology will be on the track and on display. Our paddocks are rich with history showcasing racing icons that include: Lotus, Alfa, Ford, Mazda, Porsche, Brabham, among many more. The Trans Am Series by Pirelli, Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, International GT, FR Americas and the Formula 4 United States Championship powered by Honda have come to challenge Atlanta’s, 12-turn, 2.5-mile road course. I hope that you take the opportunity to meet the racers, crews and car owners to learn about and enjoy the racing series that are being celebrated this weekend.

Saturday’s SVRA Car Show sponsored by Hagerty will display some of the best Classic and Exotic vehicles that Georgia has to offer.

Whether you’re here as a spectator, driver, crew, sponsor, race official or car show entrant, we all have an obligation to keep everyone around us safe, on and off the track. Please practice social distancing and wear a mask any time you’re within 6 feet of another person. Our constant goal is to “make racing with us safer than going to the grocery store.”

There’s something for every motorsports enthusiast at Road Atlanta this weekend, from gleaming Classics, legendary Formula cars, to thundering 850 hp Trans Am machines. I’m thrilled to present this world-class event.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Let’s go racing!

Tony Parella
CEO, Parella Motorsports Holdings


Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, Miata

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
00 Black/Yellow 1999 Mazda Miata Mark Cash Mazda
02 Blue 1958 Porsche 356 Dale Erwin 3
4 Blue 1999 Mazda Miata M. Yusuf Mohamed Mazda
007 Green 1972 MG Midget Rick Fraser 1
7 Silver 1961 Lotus Super Seven John Nash 3
7 Silver 1962 Lotus Super Seven-3 John Nash 3
08 Black 1969 MG B Ken Morris 3
9 Silver/Green 1958 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Gary Hagopian 1
13 Blue/Yellow 1958 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Andrew McLean 1
14 White/Red/Black 1990 Mazda Miata Tony Fornetti Mazda
17 Red 1958 Devin SS James Freeman 4
18A Blue 1963 Triumph Spitfire Tom Brown 3
28 White/Black 1990 Mazda Miata Delanie Calhoun Mazda
29 Blue 1961 Morgan Plus 4 Mark Pomeroy 3
31 Silver/Black 1990 Honda CRX Logan Maurer 3
33 Red/Silver 1962 Porsche 356 Tim Baker 3
49 Red 1959 MG A David Conrad 1
59 Blue/White 2001 Mazda Miata Robert Spence Mazda
66 Blue/Yellow/Black 1990 Mazda Miata Gil Jackson Mazda
68 1977 Datsun 200SX Ron Fuller 3
71 Blue/White 1977 Crossle 32F Daniel Becker 2
79 Green 1958 Austin Healey Sprite Scott Fraser 1
091 Silver/Red 1991 Mazda Miata J.Richard Schnabel Mazda
99 Pink 1999 Mazda Miata Skyler Cottrell Mazda
107 Blue 1959 MG A Twin Cam Coupe V Carl George 1
113 Red 1988 Volkswagen Golf Frank Shober 3
117 Silver 1999 Mazda Miata Jim Black Mazda
189 Blue 1961 MG A Burt Stein 1
211 Black/Gold/Silver 1978 Crossle 32F Jeff White 2
776 Red 1964 Triumph Spitfire Roadster Jonas Stein 1

Groups 5, 7, 9, 11, 12a

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
7 Blue 1968 Matich SR3 James Freeman 7
10 Black 1979 March Super Vee Tom Fraelich 9
14 Red/Black/White 2013 ford mustang PHIL LASCO 12a
14A Green 2013 Ford Boss 302S John Strauss 12a
22 Orange/Black 2012 Ford Boss 302s Rene Tercilla 12a
33 Yellow 1983 Royale RP38 Hawley Chester III 5
44 Black 2009 Ford GT3 Michael Lange 11
68 White/Red/Black 1998 Ford Mustang Coupe Jeff Lindstrom 12a
70 Orange 2012 Ave Riley AR-2 David Jans 11
85 Blue/Black 2004 Mazda Pro Formula Jay Shuler 9
217 Gray/Red/Black 1983 Porsche 911SC Andrew Uzarowski 12a

Group 6, 8, 12b

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
1 Purple/Blue/White 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Scott Borchetta 6
3 Red 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV 6 Glenn Maurer 8
04 Blue/Silver 2004 Lexus IS300 Ron Pawley 12b
21 Maroon 1968 Mercury Cougar Gary Moore 6
23 Blue 1970 Ford Boss 302 Wally Dallenbach 6
24 White/Black/Red 1968 Porsche 911 Douglas Hagopian 8
53 White/Yellow/Red 1985 Ford Mustang SVO Bill Harris 12b
60 Blue/Silver 1968 BMW 2002 David Nicholas 8
74 Blue 1974 BMW 2002 H.D. Woodruff 8
86 Orange/Blue 1964 Chevrolet Sting Ray George Del Canto 6
99 White/Red 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Debbie Cloud 6
242 White 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV 6 Mark Brummond 12b
774 Blue/Black/White 1990 Mazda Miata David Bane 8

Group 10

Num. / ColorCarDriverGroup
2 Black 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix John Cloud 10
3 Purple/Green 2007 Porsche GT3 Jody Miller 10
4 Blue 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra Wally Dallenbach 10
6 Yellow/Black 2002 Chevrolet Camaro Frank Cioppettini 10
6A White/Purple 1996 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird Alan Davison 10
008 Black/Green 2019 Porsche GT3 Reg Williams 10
22 Purple/Yellow/Green 1981 Buick Regal Scott Borchetta 10
22B White 2011 Porsche GT3 Cup Alejandro Chahwan 10
22D Green/Green 2009 Aston Martin GT4 #50 chassis Steven Davison 10
33 Black/Blue 2013 Chevrolet corvette joe moholland 10
45 Black 2006 Dodge Charger Clifford Sigmann 10
57A Black 2007 Porsche 997-1 Cup Alejandro Pimentel 10
58 White/Red/Black 2018 Porsche 991 Mark Sandridge 10
64 White/Orange/Blue 2015 Porsche GT3 Cup Ted Giovanis 10
71 White 2003 Ford Taurus Ed Bull 10
74A Silver/Blue/Yellow 2004 Acura TSX Willie Phee 10
85 White 2006 Porsche GT3 Paul Mortimer 10
97 White 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Lance Ausec 10
99 Black/Green 2006 Ford Fusion SC Debbie Cloud 10
127 Yellow 2011 Ferrari 458 Benoit Bergeron 10
176 Green/White/Blue 2014 Porsche 991.1 Cup James Hamman 10


Entry List: Trans Am (TA / XGT / SGT / GT)

Entry List: Trans Am (TA2)

Entry List: FR Americas

Entry List: F4 US